GPS Weekly News

GPS Weekly News

Monday Oct 8

NO SCHOOL THANKSGIVING Stay home and gorge on turkey.


Tuesday Oct 9


ELA 7 - 3D Haikus are due.


Wednesday Oct 10

Meteors Sports Program 12:45-2:00

Shooting Stars Sports Program 2:00-3:15

Hot Lunch begins for K-6, hopefully you ordered.

Gr 3/4 A telling time test Gr 4 time to the minute and elapsed time

Gr 3 how to use a calendar and tell time to the hour / half hour quiz


Thursday Oct 11

Hotdog Sale order forms due. Thank you for supporting our grade 6 trip!

English 10-1: Have up to the end of chapter 8 read in "To Kill a Mockingbird"

English 10-1: Persuasive Short Answers for "Fish Cheeks" are due Tuesday

Read & Write 9: Frayer Vocabulary Assignment 2 from your personal novel is due Tuesday, unless, of course, you took my advice and completed it before the long weekend.

CALM/Work Prep : OH & S Awareness on-line assignment must be completed before class start Tuesday.


Friday Oct 12

CTS Fashion Studies - Textile Arts final projects should be completed

Gr 3/4 A library and spelling test


** Keep an eye out for hotdog order forms coming home today October 4th