GPS Weekly News

GPS Weekly News

GPS Upcoming Weekly Information
December 10 - 14 

Monday December 10
K-6 Nutritional Lunch Chicken fingers with a chef salad
K-12 CANNED FOOD DRIVE is still happening, Student Parliament will be taking donations until December 19th
9:15 3T Skating
10:12 Jr/Sr Reindeer Races in Gym during PLT time
Bio 30 Unit C Exam
Math 9 Rational Numbers Mid Unit Quiz
12:45 5A Skating
grade 3 / 4 A skating with 1D 2:00-3:00. Help tying skates would be great. Please join us around 1:45.
ENGLISH 10-1: Novel Reading Quiz 22-end & TRIAL PROJECT notes and images are DUE

Tuesday December 11
K-6 Nutritional Lunch Beef barley soup with a cheese bun
Christmas Head wear Day
8:50-11:10 Skating for Grade 7 and 8 classes
1:45 Caroling in Theatre

Wednesday December 12
School wide Dinner put on by the GPS Fundraising Society and the Fundraising Society from Holy Family School
Grade 7 & 8 PE Classes skating 8:50—12:00
K-6 Fancy Dress up Day
ART 10: completed Album Covers are DUE (M.K., S.T. & J.S.*) - CHARCOAL starts today; bring in an old shirt to protect your clothing

Thursday December 13
K-6 Nutritional Lunch Chicken drumsticks, rice and corn
Permission forms for Grimshaw Public Children’s Choir Due (for caroling field trip)

Friday December 14
K-6 Nutritional Lunch Egg salad sandwich, cheese and tomato chicken noodle soup
K—12 Ugly Sweater Day
9:15— 6P Skating
9:30 Children's Choir Field Trip back at 11:30
1:00—5/6 Skating
11:00—Caroling in Theatre

*Grade 6 Fundraiser Sloppy Joe order forms due on Monday.
*CALM & WORK PREP: myBlueprint Electronic Portfolio is DUE Wednesday