GPS Weekly News

GPS Weekly News

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February 25—March 1


Monday  February 25

K-6 Lunch Chicken Finger & Marinated Salad

Grade 7s need to be working on their novel study projects

LA 9 - Personal Essay due today

ELA 20-1 My Canada Essay due today

ENGLISH 20-2: Final PROJECT BOOKLET DUE: "A Mountain Journey": class START.

ART20 - Project 1 is DUE class START

DESIGN - Project 1 is DUE class START (LK, BH & BR) and bring in your SCULPTURE OBJECT

Social 30 TEST

Tuesday February 26

K-6 Lunch Taco Salad

Grade 7 & 8 PE are curling.

Wednesday February 27

GPS Parent Society Hot Lunch ~Chicken Caesar Wrap, Tossed Salad, Carrots N Dip, Berry Parfait - if ordered

Hot Lunch Order forms are DUE TODAY

10:15 3T Bake Sale 10:00—11:30

Junior High Girls Basketball against Paul Rowe (in Grimshaw)

Thursday February 28

K-6 Lunch Hot Dogs w/ veggie

Grade 7 & 8 PE are curling.

First Responder TEAM LEADERS, please meet in the VC room during PLT

Junior High Girls Basketball against Glenmary (at Glenmary)

Friday March 1

K-6 Lunch Ham breakfast bun w/ Fruit

Math 10-3 Unit Test on Length, Area and Volume

Math 20-3 Unit Test on Volume


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**If you have any ideas that would make this note a better note for all parents please do not hesitate to send me an email and let me know.  I’m willing to try anything when it comes to communication!