March Safety Message

March Safety Message

Safety Message – Ice Safety

March is a time to look forward to warmer temperatures, melting snow, and longer days.  The transition from winter to spring begins the transformation of frozen rivers, ponds, creeks and dug outs to bodies of open water. Many of our PRSD schools are located close to water sources and during this time ice can become unstable and extremely dangerous. 

Please take a few minutes and talk to your children about ice safety and the dangers associated with being on rivers, ponds, creeks and dug outs during this time of the year.

If you do fall through the ice your first danger is drowning, not the cold. You will have time to save yourself so don’t panic or thrash about. Tread water or grab the ice to keep your head above water. Keep your hands and arms on the ice and kick your feet until you are in a horizontal position. Once you are horizontal keep kicking your feet and pull with your hands and arms and pull yourself out of the water. Once clear of the water continue to pull yourself away from the hole in the ice. You need to keep your weight spread so don’t stand to move away from the hole. You can slide pull or roll away. Once clear of any danger you need to get to a place to warm up and remove any wet clothing.

For more information about knowing the dangers of ice please follow the attached link provided by the Canadian Red Cross.

David Smith, PRSD Safety and Wellness Coordinator