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Oct 3 - 7 Weekly Update

GPS Upcoming Weekly Information

October 3—7



Jr/Sr Lunch Pasta & Homemade Cheese Sauce

7A & 7B Health Permission form Due

7A & 7B Hygiene Health Questions Due

Science 9A Unit A Quiz #1

Math10C Distribution & Factoring Quiz

ELA 10-1: Will begin To Kill a Mockingbird Novel Study

ELA 30-1: Will begin Hamlet



Jr/Sr Lunch Homemade Pizza

3BD Library

Science 9B Unit A Quiz #1

Social 20-1/2 (Myles) French Rev Test

Math 30-2 Polynomial & Sinusoidal Functions Exam



K-6 Hot Lunch if Ordered Pizza Wrap carrots & Dip and Strawberry Shortcake

Jr/Sr Lunch Toonie Hot Dogs

2P Library

Math 7B Integers Unit Test

Math 8A Integers Unit Test

Science 9A Unit Project due at the start of class

Social 9A first PAT TEST - chp 3



Jr/Sr Lunch Breakfast for Lunch

5/6L Library

Math 7A Integers Unit Test

Math 8B Integers Unit Test

Science 9B Unit Project due at the start of class

ELA 10-1: Chapters 1 to 7 of TKAM

Bio 20 Unit B - Quiz #2

Social Studies 20-2: French Revolution Timeline is Due





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