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Mr. Michael Dyke

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Gr. 1D

I graduated Mount Saint Vincent University Bachelor of Arts Advanced, University of Ottawa, Bachelor of Education, Summa Cum Laude.

I am from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, across the harbour from Halifax. I've lived in Alberta for close to 16 years. I am married, and I have 4 children aged Yehbin, 22; Tristan 15, Aidan 11, and Tatiana, 6 years old. I have taught internationally in Asia, South Korea and Taiwan, as well as in Canada.

The thing I love the most about teaching is the children, of course. I've taught Korean, Japanese, American, French citizens, Taiwanese, Canadians, British and of all ethnic backgrounds.

What I look forward to most this school year is the same thing I look forward to year school year is the growth of each student from day 1 in Grade 1 to the last day in June.

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