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Photo of Jessica Shaw

Ms. Jessica Shaw


Photo of Andrew Ostrowerka

Mr. Andrew Ostrowerka


Office Manager

Photo of Moira Ford

Mrs. Moira Ford

Office Manager

Photo of Terrie Rendall

Ms. Terrie Rendall

Office Manager

Photo of Tina Robinson

Mrs. Tina Robinson

Office Manager/School Based Tech/Info Spec


Photo of Natalie Aucoin

Mrs. Natalie Aucoin

Grade 4A

Photo of Rick Aucoin

Mr. Rick Aucoin

Grade 5A

Photo of Tina Bernetic

Mrs. Tina Bernetic

ELA 30-1, ELA 30-2, Social 20-2, ELA 10-1, LA 9, ELA 20-1,

Photo of Miss Bowman

Miss Bowman

Grade 6B

Photo of Bryan Bramwell

Mr. Bryan Bramwell

Gr 8 Social, ELA, Health

Photo of Kelly Brown

Mrs. Kelly Brown

ECS in the morning and 3BD Math and Science in the afternoon

Photo of Lora Casselman

Mrs. Lora Casselman

Jr/Sr High French, CTF and CTS

Photo of Morgan Duke

Mrs. Morgan Duke

Grade 3 - ELA, Social Studies, & Art

Photo of Michael Dyke

Mr. Michael Dyke

Grade 1D

Photo of Laurie Grant

Ms. Laurie Grant

Grade 2G

Photo of Kiersten Jackman

Miss Kiersten Jackman

Elementary PE Specialist

Photo of Kimberley Jeffs

Mrs. Kimberley Jeffs

Grade 4J

Photo of Chad Kozculab

Mr. Chad Kozculab

Science 8 & 9, Science 14/24, Chem 20, 30, Physics 20, 30

Photo of Brittney Landaker

Ms. Brittney Landaker

Grade 5/6L

Photo of Jon Myles

Mr. Jon Myles

9-12 Social and Drama 10-30

Photo of Alicia O'Donnell

Mrs. Alicia O'Donnell

Math 9, Math 10C, Math 20-1/20-2, Math 30-2, Numeracy

Photo of Melissa Palsitt

Ms. Melissa Palsitt

Gr. 2

Photo of Melissa Pearson

Ms. Melissa Pearson

Grade 7 Language Arts, Health, and CTF

Photo of Rebecca Riener

Miss Rebecca Riener


Photo of Kristina Seerey

Mrs. Kristina Seerey

Literacy/Numeracy 7, Social 7, Science 8 & CALM 10

Photo of Meagan Sinclair

Miss Meagan Sinclair

Math 7, 8, 10-3, 20-3, 30-1

Photo of Jody St. Andre

Miss Jody St. Andre

Language Arts 8-Jr. Literacy/Numeracy 9-Art 10 20 & 30 - English 20- 2 - Visual Communications CTS (Photography and Graphic Design)

Photo of Erin Taje

Mrs. Erin Taje

Science 9, Science 8, PE 10, Bio 20, Bio 30

Photo of Alison Weaver

Ms. Alison Weaver

Grimshaw Outreach and Aboriginal Studies

Photo of Kyle Weaver

Mr. Kyle Weaver

Jr High PE & PE 20/30

Photo of Sonya Williams

Mrs. Sonya Williams

Grade 3W

Photo of Stacey Wollum

Mrs. Stacey Wollum

Grade 1W

Inclusive Education Coaches

Photo of Tasha Akins

Ms. Tasha Akins

Elementary I-Coach

Photo of Janet Wallentiny

Mrs. Janet Wallentiny


Photo of Jade Hargrave-Mcken

Ms. Jade Hargrave-Mcken

Project Peace Success Coach

Educational Assistants

Photo of Roxanne Borger

Roxanne Borger

Photo of Tannis Coen

Tannis Coen

Photo of Charmaine Culbert

Charmaine Culbert

Photo of Jessica Ferdais

Jessica Ferdais

Photo of Malinda Hare

Malinda Hare

Photo of Candice Kundert

Candice Kundert

Photo of Marilyn Maggs

Marilyn Maggs

Photo of Ashley Montie

Ashley Montie

Photo of Melissa Partridge

Melissa Partridge

Photo of Janet Regal

Janet Regal

Photo of Robin Saunders

Robin Saunders

Photo of Colleen Stewart

Colleen Stewart

Educational Assistant

Photo of Devona Stone

Devona Stone

Photo of Cindy Woodward

Cindy Woodward

Photo of Sophie Wu

Sophie Wu


Photo of Tina Robinson

Mrs. Tina Robinson

School Based Tech/Office Manager

First Nations Metis Inuit

Photo of Darcy Patterson

Ms. Darcy Patterson

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